Celebrating 1-Ness to 1-Identity – An exhibition on Guru Nanak Sahib’s eternal message of 1-Ness to the world

Harinder Singh SpeakingIn this year of celebrations of Guru Nanak Sahib’s 550 years of Prakash Purab (illumination day), VOYCE and SikhRI, (the Sikh Research Institute, USA), in collaboration with the National Museum, are organising a unique exhibition that tells the story of Guru Nanak Sahib, told like never before!

This exhibition, from 1-9 February 2020, presents a rich portrayal depicting the life and times of Guru Nanak Sahib and an opportunity to experience and engage with the message of 1-Ness through panel discussions, workshops, poetry and music sessions, performances by children, interactive art, dastangoi performances, themed workshops; guided tours and more. The whole approach of organizing this event, and the diversity of activities, is that there is something for everyone to reflect and engage with 1-Ness.

“Guru Nanak Sahib continues to transform innumerable lives, and the world needs to hear this extraordinary and inspiring story of the ‘global-wisdom’, the world-prophet, the lover of 1-Ness,” says Harinder Singh, Founder, SikhRi. “This exhibition showcases that story of transformation.”

Raghvendra Singh SpeakingSpeaking of the partnership, Raghvendra Singh, CEO, Development of Museums and Cultural Spaces, says that it is a privilege for the National Museum to contribute to the 1-Ness movement through this unique exhibition.

Also contributing to the 1-Ness movement, AIPL (Advance India Projects Limited) extends its support to the cause and the exhibition. Daljeet Singh, Director, AIPL, says, “We are committed to the cause of becoming like Ik Oankar, and this exhibition has that fragrance.”

There is 1-Ness in the support that has come for the exhibition, including from the Sigma Group, Jassi te Preeti Chaddha Family Foundation, and others, including artist partners, 1-Ness collaborators and the enthusiastic team of volunteers, the 1-Ness ambassadors, who are the force behind the exhibition.

“This celebration is about Guru Nanak, the light that is eternal and shines like the sun; and Ik Oankar, 1-Ness, the proclamation that roars like the lion,” says Anika Singh, Social Artist & Founder of VOYCE. “Working on this project, living and breathing 1-Ness, has been such an incredible journey. We hope to give a flavour of that experience through this exhibition and all the 1-Ness activities planned around it,” she adds.

Elaborating on the exhibition, Inni Kaur, Creative Director, SikhRI says, “The visitor will have the opportunity to experience in a concise way the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Sahib through the five galleries. The Divine Experience Gallery features narratives from Guru Nanak Sahib’s birth to the declaration of IkOankar 1-Ness; The Transformative Conversations Gallery features conversations with religious, spiritual, and political heads as well as commoners; The Sikhi Legacy Gallery features narratives that are integral to the Sikh faith; The Revolution Continues Gallery highlights narratives on the way the Guru revolutionized society and created a highly egalitarian society; and the Inscribed Wisdom Gallery features selected writings of the Guru.”

In addition to the I-Ness exhibition, the National Museum is hosting at its Miniature Painting Gallery, a beautifully curated special exhibition based on the folios of Janam-Sakhi, the legendary biography of Guru Nanak. These folios are unique and displayed in a special exhibition for the first time. Dr Kanak Lata Singh from the Department of Painting has curated this exhibition  with support of the Exhibition and Display Departments of the National Museum.

The speakers and performers at the nine-day event include: Harinder Singh, SikhRi; H.S. Phoolka, senior advocate; Swami Agnivesh; Gurinder Harnam Kaur; Daler Mehndi, singer and environmentalist; Bobby Bedi, film producer; Sidharth, painter; Jasbir Jassi, singer; Ustad Iqbal Ahmed, vocal maestros and Vusat Iqbal Khan from DIlli Gharana; Mehetab Molla, artist; Dashmeet Singh, artist; Dr Arshiya Sethi, cultural visionary; Kuljeet Singh, artist and director; and Dr Kumud Diwan, Taranpreet Mehndi, Gursimran Kaur, Neelu Singh and Anika Singh.

About the Organizers

The Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) is a global non-profit organization based in USA. SikhRI inspires individuals to connect with their roots, and organizations to think critically based on Guru Granth Sahib’s paradigm of Ik Oankar 1-Ness.

Vision and Opportunities for Youth & Community Empowerment (VOYCE) creates content for social impact and uses the language of arts and creativity for behaviour change communication. VOYCE also provides platforms to empower communities. In line with this vision, it hopes that through this exhibition with its focus on the life journey of Guru Nanak Sahib and his message on 1-Ness, it continues to empower and inspire communities.


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