Vision and Opportunities for Youth & Community Empowerment

We have a lot of information today but packaging that to inspire behaviour change requires a radical and a fresh change in health promotion and social change messaging.

Art is a universal language that helps in effectively engaging with communities and improving lives. Art is a positive influence, an inspiring force. Art empowers the most vulnerable and allows for freedom of expression to thrive. We recognize the power of the arts as an engine for progress and social transformation.

We at VOYCE, combine the two worlds of public health and social messaging with arts. In everything we do and develop, there is arts and creativity, the language of change we aspire to make.


a dream that keeps us going!
To empower people to make conscious choices for happier, healthier lives.


our baby steps each day!
Creating people-centric content and campaigns, inspired by the arts, for public health and social change messaging.


Team VOYCE, wants to inspire 1 billion people for positive behaviour change through a movement of art activism in India and the South-East Asia Region.


  • Content for public health and social change to create impact.
  • Work with the arts for creating positive behaviour change campaigns.
  • Films, advocacy videos, animation videos, musicals and ad films.
  • Production of publications – including conceptualizing, researching, writing, editing, designing, and printing.
  • Primary and secondary level research.
  • Events and festivals, giving an extra edge by leveraging both performing and visual arts for creating impact. Specializes in creating both online and offline events.
  • Facilitating training on values in action; on authentic leadership; on 1-Ness consciousness; and behaviour change communication for health promotion, gender equality, and social change messaging.
  • Organizing staff engagement and team-building activities.
  • Conceptualizing and implementing campaigns to promote the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically for positive behaviour change related to health.


1-NESS – centeredness and inclusivity!
Yes for us, 1-Ness is a core value that we practice within our organization and in everything we do. There is a certain centeredness we bring to all our work, and we extend this inclusiveness in hiring, and working with partners/suppliers.
COLLABORATION – together we can do more!
We cannot do anything alone; and must not reinvent the wheel. We believe in collaborations, together we can offer so much more to our clients and partners.
CREATIVITY – in everything we do!
Creativity is the quality we bring to everything we do – in conceptualizing ideas, building content, in our presentation, in our working approach, in how we partner with people… creativity is everywhere.
CELEBRATION – the key driver!
Yes! We celebrate all the work we generate… and our passion in work is a by-product of our celebration and excitement. We celebrate people, diversity and moments of creativity.
EMPATHY – a deeper engagement with clients!
We empathize with people we work with, to understand their needs, thoughts, emotions, motivations and values; so that we can deliver better.
TIME – valuing our time and that of others!
We value time, both yours and ours. This is reflected in how we understand the project, to the transparency we have in everything we do, to the timelines we always respect and keep.


RTL March

Coffee, conversations and colours

The journey of ‘Returning to Love’ (RTL) began in 2021, post the COVID-19 pandemic, to remind and inspire people to operate from the energy of love in making life choices. In the presence of love there can’t be any fear. The format of the event is that we sit in a circle, and everyone shares either a poem, prose or life experience that is inspiring or has been lifechanging. This way we grow and learn together; and create a community of love and giving.

For the previous RTL events, the special guests who have graced the event include the acclaimed Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan; Lawyer, politician and poet, Kapil Sibal; award-winning TechArtist Ravinder Pal Singh; Contemporary artist, Arpana Caur; Zen artist, Sidharth; Surgeon and Associate Professor at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, Dr Tej Prakash Sinha; Writer, poet, Creative director, Inni Kaur; and more. Our venue partners have been the National Museum, National Crafts Museum, Zorba the Buddha and Vasant Vihar Club. This time, we are delighted to collaborate with The Piano Man for this special journey; the vision is the same – to build our love clan and continue to learn in this collective energy.

The theme for this 6th edition of the RTL is: Love is Colours.
In this week of Holi, let’s expand our understanding of colours!

Our team/partners

  • A huge network of young and professional artists, storytellers, performing artists, and art curators specializing in conveying complex messages through the simple language of art
  • Production house, and a very competent production team
  • Researchers, analysts, writers and editors
  • Graphic designers, digital illustrators, web designers
  • Transformation and creative facilitators
  • Content writers
  • Creative Directors
  • Event management team and festival directors to curate high-impact events
“For any big event or campaign that we undertake, we form a mentoring board, consisting of experts and patrons, that guides us and creates an accountability framework.”

Our clients

  • World Health Organization (WHO) including WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific and WHO Country Office for India
  • AIIMS, Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre
  • School, colleges and corporates

Anika Singh Profile PicAnika is a social artist at heart who believes in the power of art and creativity to make social change. She has over 15 years of experience, including 6 years with the World Health Organization both at the Regional Office for South-East Asia and the WHO Country Office for India; and 4+ years in Australia. During her work at WHO, she developed and implemented engaging health promotion campaigns that led to positive behaviour change. She has directed over 30 advocacy productions including animation videos, musicals and documentaries.

Prior to WHO, she worked in Australia mostly in the skills development and disability employment services network, assisting the disadvantaged community through employment, support services, community engagement and customized training programmes.

She has worked at the grassroots level in rural India and has held senior management positions both in India and Australia including as a Board of Director, Sydney Drug Education and Counselling Centre; and Member, Executive Committee, Vivekananda Sevakendra-O-Sishu Uddyan (VSSU), a grass-root level organization giving micro-finance services and skills development training to self-help groups in rural West Bengal, India. Her community service journey began at age 14, and at age-17 she was selected out of 150,000 applicants to be the youth voice of India at the World Youth Congress in Hawaii, to establish young people’s priorities for the new millennium. 8 of the 10 priorities listed by the young delegates were included by the UN among their Millennium Development Goals. She has been dedicatedly making a difference in communities around her ever since and has been recognized nationally and internationally for her leadership in the community engagement work, including by the former Prime Ministers
Honourable Mr I.K Gujral and Mr Deve Gowda, and former President of India Honourable Dr Abdul Kalam.

Anika has a deep passion for empowering communities, and over the years she has specialized in communication, advocacy, partnership-building, community strategy development, management of outreach programmes, event planning, training, creative facilitation, content writing, and filmmaking.

More specifically, through her work in the public health sector, she realized that we have a lot of knowledge today but packaging that to inspire people to change requires a radical and a fresh approach in health promotion and social change messaging. Having realized her calling to contribute to people’s physical and mental well-being, Anika decided that the tools she wants to use for her messaging are: creativity and the arts. From this vision, her organization, VOYCE, was born, committed to empowering through various forms of arts. She wants to create a new language for happier and healthier lives through the voice of VOYCE.

Currently, Anika and the team are supporting efforts during the times of COVID-19. They have directed, illustrated and animated videos on COVID-19 and mental health. Anika is also part of the Parliamentarians and Innovators network India (PII) Action group to fight Covid-19, that connects Innovators with parliamentarians, public policy experts, subject matter specialists, and business leaders, to support ideas that can make a difference during this crisis. Anika is also an active part of the Australia India Youth Dialogue (AIYD). She loves to travel, photograph, bake, write human stories and poetry.