Training And Development

We develop content and facilitate trainings on values in action; on authentic leadership; and behaviour change communication for health promotion. In 2019, VOYCE did more than 15 workshops in schools, corporates, organizations, and also internationally in Singapore, Vietnam and Mongolia.

Values in Action Workshops

We help organizations and staff align their values, thus creating intrinsic motivation in work, and positive values-centric institutions. We help people reflect on their core set of values and beliefs supporting those. We do this by creating a fun and creative environment, encouraging these reflections through creative activities, storytelling, music, art and imagination as tools, all this leading to deep learnings.

If you are interested to organize a workshop for your organization, please contact us.

Behaviour change communication workshops to promote health

Vietnam, May 2019; Mongolia, June 2019

The workshop on communication responded to risk reduction for noncommunicable diseases and promotion of healthier lifestyle in urban environment, including eating healthy, staying active, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco use. The workshop addressed manager’s and planner’s needs to address behavioural changes through effective communication and strategic planning.

These communication workshops for behavioural changes were planned in Vietnam and Mongolia, to lead the change in the Region. Ms Anika Singh, Founder of VOYCE, was the lead facilitator at these trainings, and was supported by the WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific. In Vietnam, it was with the support of the WHO Country Office for Vietnam, and in collaboration with the University of Hue, Alliance for Healthy Cities and national chapters of healthy cities. In Mongolia, it was supported by the WHO Country Office for Mongolia, and in partnership with the National Centre for Public Health.

By the end of the training, participants developed their own strategic health communication plans for their focus areas, including creative message development.

This work feeds into the macro level work of VOYCE in developing effective campaigns for health promotion.

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