Saturday, 04 March 2023
| 10:30 AM – 01:00 PM
Love is Colours
Expanding our understanding of colours in this week of Holi...


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Returning to Love

The journey of ‘Returning to Love’ (RTL) began in 2021, post the COVID-19 pandemic, to remind and inspire people to operate from the energy of love in making life choices. In the presence of love there can’t be any fear. The format of the event is that we sit in a circle, and everyone shares either a poem, prose or life experience that is inspiring or has been lifechanging. This way we grow and learn together; and create a community of love and giving.

For the previous RTL events, the special guests who have graced the event include the acclaimed Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan; Lawyer, politician and poet, Kapil Sibal; award-winning TechArtist Ravinder Pal Singh; Contemporary artist, Arpana Caur; Zen artist, Sidharth; Surgeon and Associate Professor at the AIIMS Trauma Centre, Dr Tej Prakash Sinha; Writer, poet, Creative director, Inni Kaur; and more. Our venue partners have been the National Museum, National Crafts Museum, Zorba the Buddha and Vasant Vihar Club. This time, we are delighted to collaborate with The Piano Man for this special journey; the vision is the same – to build our love clan and continue to learn in this collective energy.

Coffee, conversations and colours

When: Saturday, 04 March 2023 | 10:30 AM – 01:00 PM
Where: The Piano Man, Sector 15, Gurgaon
Who can attend? By invitation only
Registration mandatory

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For more information, contact:; WhatsApp: +91-84485 11466



Harinder Singh

An educator, thinker, dynamic global speaker, and lover of 1Ness

Harinder Singh co-founded the Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) and the Panjab Digital Library, and currently serves as the Senior Fellow, Research & Policy at SikhRI. He is a widely respected educator and thinker who is deeply in love with 1Force, the Oneness that radiates in all.

The love and justice symbiotic paradigm propel him to leverage public awareness for social change. He has authored several books and numerous articles integrating the political and the spiritual. He consults on curriculum, exhibitions, and films and is featured in many documentaries on the Sikhs, the Punjab, and South Asian matters. He is a prolific writer and sought-after public speaker. He regularly appears on radio and television programs globally.

Harinder Singh’s list of career achievements includes addressing the U.S. Congress, The White House, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, the U.S. Dept. of Education, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, The Smithsonian Institute, the U.K. Parliament, and the U.K. Ministry of Defense Chaplaincy Program.

He has spoken at Berkeley, Cambridge, Carleton, Langara, LSE, Northwestern, Oxford, Princeton, SFU, UT-Austin, Williams, Whitman, and Yale Universities, as well as JNU, Guru Nanak Dev University, PU, and Punjabi University. He has also presented at the World Affairs Council, Dayal Singh Forum for Research & Culture, The Theosophical Society, Mulnivasi Mahila Sangh, BAMCEF, Chandigarh Museum, Seva Food Bank, Leicestershire Sikh Alliance, numerous Sikh forums and Gurduaras worldwide. He has also delivered presentations at Accenture, Deloitte, EY, and PwC.

He served on the boards of the National Conference on Community and Justice, The Fellowship of Activists to Embrace Humanity, and The Nanakshahi Trust, among others.

He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering, MS in Engineering Management, MPhil in Guru Granth Sahib, and a Diploma in Persian Language. He currently resides in United States.

He will be expanding our understanding of colours, in this week of the Holi festival. His voice of experience and authenticity is like a breath of fresh air. Come be a part of this special Saturday morning, let’s immerse ourselves in his captivating talk as he takes us on a journey of love, colours, and more…

Anika Singh (Facilitator)

Social Artist | Behaviour Change Communication Specialist | Founder, VOYCE 

VOYCE is an organization that is committed to creating behaviour change communication tools for public health and social awareness through the language of arts and creativity.

Anika is a communication expert with over 20 years of experience, including 10+ years with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and several other international organizations. She has directed over 80 advocacy productions, mostly on public health topics, including Covid, mental health, lifestyle diseases, primary health care and road safety.

A trained creative facilitator and behaviour change communication specialist, Anika is passionate about empowering communities. She has facilitated events and trainings in Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Singapore, UK and India, creating experiences that touch a chord, and inspire people to ‘Be the Change’. Through the VOICE of VOYCE and the language of arts, Anika is committed to creating empowered lives.  For her, to be empowered is to be fully aligned with who you are, to have the strength and conviction to explore your highest potential; to be courageous to make your decisions; to live in your 1Ness, and to act from that joy, that centredness. To be empowered in this form, is the key to good physical and mental health.

The idea of organizing ‘Returning to Love’ is to create a space, where we collectively reflect on how we can embrace challenges, and reorient ourselves to the energy of love’ by consciously seeing love as the essence of everything beautiful, the force behind everything wonderful.

About our venue partner: The Piano Man

The Piano Man has established itself as Delhi NCR’s cherished centre of culture especially for Jazz music. They have planned some of the nation’s most prestigious and incredible music programming, including the renowned Giants of Jazz initiative. For jazz fans in South Delhi and Gurugram, it is a window into the rich jazz culture throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

It has a thriving artist ecosystem that aims to promote and nurture artists in India by giving them a space that provides an audience that values their talent. This ecosystem is based on the idea of putting the ‘artist first’. The space is unique and grandeur in terms of architecture, design and ambience.

Arjun, the man behind the Piano Man, is a music enthusiast and has been playing the piano for more than a decade. He created the Piano Man with the intention of fostering talent in India and giving up-and-coming musicians a place to showcase their skills and advance in the business.

VOYCE is very excited with this collaboration with the Piano Man for the ‘Returning to Love’ (RTL) events, as there is synergy in our visions: promoting arts for change, to build our love clan and continue to learn in this collective energy.

Things to bring:

A smiling and a listening heart

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Venue partner:

The Piano Man, Sector 15, Gurgaon

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