Saturday, 17 September 2022 | 03:00 – 05:00 PM
Returning to Love
Coffee, Conversations and poetry

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Our monthly ‘Returning to Love’ programme brings together like-minded people from diverse backgrounds to share their life experience through poetic rendition, prose or a story, reflecting collectively on what it means to operate from the energy of love in everyday living, including in our organizational and domestic roles.

Come let's explore...

…how centredness can help innovation and creativity to flow through us naturally!
…how we can work more with the energy of love for wholehearted living!

Join us for this intimate gathering in a relaxed nature-setting, with our special guests Ravindar Pal Singh, Shovana Narayan and Sidharth.

When: Sat, Sep 17, 2022 | 03:00 – 05:00 PM
Where: Zorba The Buddha (Shiv Shakti Hall), Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi
Who can attend? By invitation only
Registration mandatory

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For more information, contact:; WhatsApp: +91-84485 11466


Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi)

Award-winning TechArtist | Global speaker on Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Rescue Pilot | Investor | Inventor | Former CIO Vistara Airlines

Ravi, a Harvard alumini, is a changemaker and a TechArtist, with several hundred global recognition and patents. He has been acknowledged as Person of the Year, world’s top 10 Robotics Designer, #1 Artificial Intelligence Leader in Asia and world’s top 25 CIOs. As a rescue pilot, Ravi continues to serve various international agencies by flying several hundred hours as emergency response expeditions ranging from covid to floods to earthquakes.

Ravi is constantly innovating, and does a lot of interesting things, but his best quality is that he is an amazing human being – very grounded and truly lives wholeheartedly. Below is his LinkedIn profile:

Ravinder Pal Singh
Sovana Narayana

Shovana Narayan

Kathak Dancer | Padma Shree Awardee

Shovana is a revered Indian Kathak dancer, trained under Birju Maharaj. She is the first ever Indian professional dancer who, for a long period of time, combined a full-fledged career as a senior serving civil servant in the Government of India, before retiring from her services in 2010. Among the contemporary Kathak dancers, Shovana, stands out for her ability to effectively perform two distinctive roles with ease, and her capability to produce and direct international collaborative works. Shovana is a key factor in giving wings to Birju Maharaj’s dream of making Kathak an internationally recognizable dance form. Her efforts to fuse Kathak with other major dance forms like western classical ballet, tap dance and Spanish flamenco are exceptional. Shovana, is also an acclaimed author and social thinker.

It is amazing how Shovana balances her passion and urge for experimentation, along with so many roles and responsibilities. Here is an interesting article about her:


Zen Artist | Painter | Sculptor

Based out of Delhi, the artist Sidharth has travelled all over the world and distilled incredible life experiences into art that is rife with meaning, magic and a higher calling. At the age of 66, his inimitable belief in the beauty of life remains as undeterred as ever. Starting in a tiny village of Punjab, his adventurous spirit took him to a Tibetan monastery in the lap of the Himalayas, and has since spanned over UK, Sweden, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, besides all over India. According to him, the art he creates is channelled through him by the universe, translating into expansive works of delicate beauty, vivid colour, myriad meanings and spiritual magic. Sidharth creates his own colours and painting with these pigments, using vegetable dyes, animal extracts and minerals, amongst other materials, sourced from myriad locations across the world. The elements lending to his unique palettes stem from marine or terrestrial flora and fauna, pollen, fruit, rocks and precious stones, lava, soils, and lots more, creating an unending panoply of hues. Creating art from nature, Sidharth is an alchemist – working like a scientist, in his studio, which resembles a chemical lab.

His centredness, and 1Ness is reflected both in his art and his talks.

Here is an interesting article about him:


Anika Singh (Facilitator)

Founder, VOYCE | Social Artist | Behaviour Change Communication Specialist 

VOYCE is an organization that is committed in creating behaviour change communication tools for public health and social awareness, through the language of arts and creativity.

Anika is a communication expert with over 20 years of experience, including 10+ years with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and several other international organizations. She has directed over 80 advocacy productions, mostly on public health topics including covid, mental health, lifestyle diseases, primary health care and road safety. Anika is a trained creative facilitator and behaviour change communication specialist, with a deep passion for empowering communities. Over the years, she has facilitated events and trainings in Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Singapore, UK and India, creating experiences that touch a chord, and inspiring people to “Be the Change”. Through the VOICE of VOYCE and the language of arts, Anika is committed in creating empowered lives; and to her, “to be empowered is, to be fully aligned to who you are, to have the strength and conviction to explore your highest potential; to be courageous to make your decisions; to live in your 1Ness, and to act from that joy, that centredness.” To be empowered in this form, is the key to good physical and mental health.

For her, the idea of organizing this event series “Returning to Love” is “to give back to the community; through my work, I meet so many wonderful people who I connect closely with, and I thought, I must connect these people to more people, so we can create more empowered lives.” Through the collective energy we create in the room, we reflect on how we can “reorient ourselves to the energy of love” by consciously seeing love as the essence of everything beautiful, the force behind everything wonderful!

Our 3 special guests come from very different fields of work, but the common thread is their urge for experimentation, and the centredness that allows innovation and creativity to flow through each of them. We will talk more about this at the programme!

Things to bring:

A smiling and a listening heart

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