Reflect N’ Connect – A workshop to connect with ‘self’ through art, theatre & story-telling
Inviting artwork to promote the message of 1-Ness for a prestigious book
1-Ness Video Series to trigger thoughts and creativity

VOYCE presents to you a new series on 1-Ness. In times of crisis, it is important for us to practice 1-ness within and in everyday life including in our relationships, environment, and world at large.

In these series, we are asking people from diverse backgrounds to share with us in a video byte:

  • What 1-Ness means to them?
  • How do they practice 1-Ness in their life?

We hope that these video bytes inspire you to reflect on what 1-Ness mean to you in your life. And all the artists out there, we would love for you to share your reflections on 1-Ness in your drawings, illustrations, and digital art. Yes, we are making a book from all this artwork. This book is dedicated to Guru Nanak Sahib’s message of Ik-Oankar, i.e. 1-Ness.

For guidelines for the artwork, see the information flyer.

Last day for submission of artwork: 31 July 2020

We hope that these videos inspire you to reflect and trigger your creativity.

For more information, DM us or email or WhatsApp +918448511466

Facebook and Instagram: @voiceofVOYCE

Duration: 21 Days

Looking to begin or reinvigorate your 1-Ness experience? Join our free 21-day  1-Ness Celebration course where each day provides a guidance audio, along with a thought, engagement activity and an opportunity to journal about your experience.

If interested to join, message us by clicking on the WhatsApp button below with your name and a little brief about yourself.

Insta live session with Anika Singh, Founder, VOYCE
Event Date: FRIDAY, 05 JUNE

Join us for this interesting insta chat on Friday as we talk about the VOYCE vision, and how living with 1-Ness consciousness has helped us in expanding it.

with Anika Singh, Founder VOYCE @voiceofvoyce

SHARE A “Story of Sunshine”

Stories of hope and inspiration during the lockdown. We have done 60 stories so far from around the world. Come, join our Sunshine movement…

Facebook and Instagram: @voiceofVOYCE

When the lockdown was announced in India 60 days ago, an idea was born – Stories of Sunshine – to inspire people with positive and hopeful stories from around the world. While the idea came from a giving spirit, what we got was even more. Our mind was constantly tuned into looking for a positive story every day, and we found ourselves smiling and feeling happy with each story we published. Now, it’s kinda become a movement, with friends and even strangers, sharing positive stories…loving the vibe and the connections. 💙


Come be part of the Parliamentarians & Innovators India (PII) Action group to fight Covid-19!

PII is formed with a vision to connect Innovators with parliamentarians, public policy experts, subject matter specialists, and business leaders.

The VOYCE Founder, Anika Singh, is honoured to be part of this action group as one of the 13 global experts.

We invite ALL innovators who wish to make a difference during this crisis…you could be an individual – or a group of motivated like-minded people.

We invite solutions on a range of issues, right from health system preparedness, data analytics, to mental health, behaviour change communication, community engagement solutions, innovative health technologies, to solutions relating to supporting the vulnerable populations, to service or product innovations. Yes, solutions that have a readiness for rapid implementation and scale are the need of the hour.

Honestly, if we think hard, there is something we ALL can do to contribute in this fight. Wear your thinking caps and submit your solution!

To read more about the guidelines, the process to submit, the vision and the team, the solutions we have supported so far, please visit

The Team PI India looks forward to supporting you in supporting the nation!